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You've found your way to the website of one Jeffrey Lee, a very talented insane Befunge nut.

  • Wondering what the deal is with the domain name? Head over to my befunge pages to find out.
  • Want to tell me all about how great my site is? Go right ahead.
  • Want to run away screaming like a little girl? Doesn't bother me.



Uploaded version 0.16 of vnc_serv, featuring many bug fixes and improvements. crypto pakistan


Uploaded srcrename and rsrcrename, two BASIC utilities for renaming source trees to RISC OS form that I wrote many years ago after finding a binary srcrename tool that was no longer being maintained.


Uploaded version 0.15 of vnc_serv, featuring some important bug fixes for yesterday's release.


Uploaded version 0.14 of vnc_serv, featuring bug fixes, performance improvements, and the addition of clipboard support.


Uploaded version 0.13 of vnc_serv, featuring several bug fixes.


Updated version 0.12 vnc_serv, featuring many fixes and improvements.


Finally uploaded an ARMv7 compatible version of vnc_serv. But if you were expecting any other improvements, you'll be sorely disappointed.


Uploaded V1.41 of decgen, featuring a handful of improvements and bugfixes.


Uploaded V1.45 of QTM (Q The Music), featuring support for several new music formats and several important bugfixes.


Uploaded V1.40 of decgen, featuring improvements mainly focused around optimisation.


Uploaded V1.43 of QTM (Q The Music), featuring bugfixes, improvements, and a few added extras.


Uploaded V1.42 of QTM (Q The Music), featuring several important bug fixes.


Uploaded V1.35 of decgen, featuring a handful of misc improvements. pk forex

Finally removed the SDCreate download, as development was moved to RISC OS Open's CVS some time ago. See the SDCreate page for further details.


Uploaded release 5 of FIQProf/profanal, adding support for Raspberry Pi, high processor vectors, and loading of symbols/GPA for an entire ROM.


Uploaded V1.11 of PlayItSSnd, featuring a couple of bug fixes.


Uploaded V1.41 of QTM (Q The Music), along with a copy of Steve Harrison's last release. V1.41 is the first version of QTM to be 32bit + ARMv7 compatible.


Uploaded V1.10 of PlayItSSnd, featuring a handful of bug fixes.


Uploaded V1.21 of SDCreate. This fixes a "No such function/procedure" error when attempting to write pre-prepared images to a card.


Uploaded V1.20 of SDCreate. This version adds PandaBoard support, and support for ROM sizes other than 4MB.


Uploaded a NEON-optimised metaball demo to the ARM code section.


Uploaded V1.16 of SDCreate. This version includes support for the new method that RISC OS 5.18 uses to load CMOS RAM files.

Uploaded the first version of QuarkNoDisc, a Quark no-disc utility, to the RISC OS games section.


Uploaded V1.30 of decgen. Mainly bugfixes and optimisations in this version. invest in Google shares


Uploaded V1.15 of SDCreate. This version adds a uenv.txt file to BeagleBoard & BeagleBoard-xM images, ensuring they're compatible with the new versions of U-Boot.


Uploaded release 4 of FIQProf/profanal, with the main improvement being the addition of support for reading the IOP321 & Cortex-A8 performance counters.


Uploaded V1.10 of SDCreate, which now has the ability to place CMOS RAM files into the SD images for use by RISC OS.


Uploaded V1.20 of decgen, featuring some much-needed bugfixes and a few useful new features.


Uploaded V1.02b of SDCreate, which now checks for FrontEnd 1.28 instead of 1.15, after I received reports of FrontEnd 1.16 not working.


Uploaded V1.02 of SDCreate, which fixes BeagleBoard-xM and TouchBook card creation.


Replaced the "RISC OS U-Boot scripts" archive with SDCreate, a much more user-friendly way of creating SD card images. For people who are after just the boot scripts, they can be found in the SDCreate archive!


Uploaded release 3 of FIQProf/profanal, which has been sat on my hard disc gathering dust for the past couple of months.


Uploaded V1.10 of decgen, featuring a plethora of bugfixes, optimisations, and improvements.


Uploaded the first version of decgen, the instruction set decoder generator.


Uploaded a small BASIC app for software-based measurement of BeagleBoard power consumption, and added an entry for the ARMv7-safe unzip binary that I uploaded a day or so ago.


Replaced BeagleBoard U-Boot script with a zip archive of per-machine scripts.


Added a page for FIQProf/profanal, and uploaded release #2.

Added a new subsection for the various BeagleBoard related things which I've uploaded over the past few months.


Uploaded a new version of Interfunge, to fix a syntax error in the go-away handling, with thanks to ais523.


Uploaded a RISC OS port of TSL v0.1.1d


Uploaded V5.02 of QTeM, to fix some problems with !Hamsters (and probably some other games)


Uploaded a GPL v2 licensed version of Interfunge, so it can be included in the main C-INTERCAL distribution. Whee!


Uploaded PlayItSSnd, an output driver for PlayIt to allow the module to use the SharedSound system.


Uploaded build 2127 of DeathDawn, (hopefully) fixing all the load/save/new game related bugs.


Uploaded build 2102 of DeathDawn, build 105 of Pale, and the latest version of WOUM to go with them. They're also now all under the GPL v3 license. DeathDawn is still a long way from being finished, etc.

Uploaded fontinator 0.10, which includes a number of new features and bugfixes/compatability improvements (few of which I can remember since I haven't started a changelog yet).

Also added spr2tiles, a quick C program for cutting sprites into identical-size tiles.


Added pages for Fontinator and Pale, and uploaded fresh builds.

Also uploaded the latest version of WOUM, which will (probably) be required for compiling the Pale source.


Migrated WOUM and SunEd here, ready for the imminent closure of Coder's Cauldron. Dark Matter and the other bits may eventually follow.

Fixed a few dead links.

Finally added a page for my HL2 cube level which was sneakily uploaded a couple of months ago.


Uploaded build 1139 of DeathDawn. Lots of progress has been made compared to the past build, but it's still got quite a way to go before being finished.

Also uploaded a new version of WOUM to Coder's Cauldron, to enable you to compile the new version of DeathDawn.


Uploaded build 882 of DeathDawn. Should be significantly faster than the old version, but not much closer to being a full game.

Also uploaded a new version of WOUM to Coder's Cauldron, to enable you to compile the new version of DeathDawn.


Uploaded Bob and Trev: Resurrection+, a bugfixed version of Bob and Trev: Resurrection.


Added a page for Bob and Trev: Resurrection, my 7-day roguelike.

Uploaded release 1d of the 'Fungus' Funge-98 test suite, containing some bugfixes to the sem module, following a report by Lee Houghton.

Finally added spr2bbc, FreeUEF, and MakeUEF to the RISC OS utilities section.


Added a page for my port of ArcEm to the Sharp Zaurus, along with a version to download.


Played around with my automatic project packager/website updater thing, resulting in some of the activity dates on the projects page being reset as the first zipfiles were uploaded.


Fixed the dates on some of these updates so that they're in the right format.

Fixed a typo on the JDM page.

Added the projects page, to list (almost) all the projects that I'm (allegedly) working on.


Uploaded some notes about getting the CSD from the command line, because it's not as easy as you'd think.


Uploaded V0.09 of a VNC server which I appear to have taken over development of. Main improvements over the previous version are that it should now gracefully handle screenmode changes, screen scrolling/page flipping, and can use the DesktopSize protocol to resize the VNC session instead of forcing the user to reconnect.

Uploaded GetKeyboard, a little BASIC app to control the USB switchbox I'm using to share a keyboard.


Uploaded V1.31 of h11p. Only change is that the server now binds itself to, and thus is accessible to more than just the local machine.


More than two updates in one year? Oh, how you spoil us, Mr. Phlamethrower!

This update is about Interfunge, my Befunge interpreter written in INTERCAL.

This update is also about release 1c of the 'Fungus' Funge-98 test suite, containing a bugfix for the Befunge-93 stringmode test in the string module.


Added the DeathDawn page, and uploaded a new build.

Uploaded a new version of Elite with a correct AIF header.


Uploaded the first version of QTeM, a module to emulate the TrackerModule using QTMModule so old games can retain their sound and music on modern machines.

Finally increased the font size on the website. Woo!


Uploaded a new version of Race (and source code), AKA Micron Machines.


Uploaded the first versions of the Super Bakeout, GAIO, and Race demo games, and their source code. These have been available from various forums and websites in the past, but now they've all been brought home to here.

Also uploaded a new version of WOUM to Coder's Cauldron, to enable you to compile much of the recently released software.


Uploaded V1.01 of Z, a C conversion of a demo of a 7 year old space shooter of mine. Completely unrelated to any other product called 'Z', except for any mental brainwashing which may have resulted in it being given the same name.

Expect more releases of unfinished games in a day or two.

Must fix site font size soon.


Uploaded some videos showing me (almost) completing Episode 1 on Nightmare skill using my Marines mod.


TIBSearch is dead, long live TIBSearch!

Uploaded V0.92 of !Befunge and source code. Features a couple of bugfixes, and can now be recompiled as a console application for other OS's.


Uploaded sudoku1.bf, a new befunge program to solve Sudoku puzzles.


Uploaded V0.91 of !Befunge and source code, to fix a bug in the breakpoint system.


Uploaded Jump Vice 50, a 50MB version of my Jump Vice video.


Replaced the crappy Deathball icon lookalike with the real thing in the RISC OS games section.

New content soon™.


Site relaunched. Woo.

However this does mean that there's finally some new content, in the form of a new Quake level.

I'm sure that was worth waiting 8 months for, right?

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