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Tweaked the wording on a page or two just to confirm that I'm still alive.


As you can tell, the site is now back up after the slight technical difficulties we had over the last week. Everything should be working OK, but if you find anything that's broken then let me know.


Uploaded Jump Vice, my taxi-jumping trip through GTA: VC.


Uploaded V3.50 of GrabError. It now records the registers at the time of the error, and will only record the first error detected (useful in cases where there is a loop of errors).


Cat's Eye Technologies lives again!

Guess I'd better send in my FBBI bugfixes then...


Added a readme file to GrabError, and added a link to the Nutshells directory.


Updated the Typo modules. You can now ROT13 the text you enter, as well as view the world in ofla vision :)


Tweaked the 'Doesn't bother me' link so it does something sensible on non-JS browsers.

Fixed the navigation menu in the misc section.

Added the navigation menu & stuff to the webcam and TIBSearch pages.

Added my EwL rant to the misc section, since the Encounters with Llamas mirror seems to be down.

Tweaked the NetHack description so it makes more sense.

Fixed a few dead links.

Added a link to ChroniX Radio, because they rock 8-).


As you can tell, the site is now back online and my email is working again. I've also launched the new section, misc, which as its name suggests is full of miscellaneous items. Enjoy!

Uploaded h11p, a 1K webserver.


Hmm. Seems like the mail forwarding on the server is broken too, since a test mail I sent myself a few hours ago hasn't arrived yet. So the moral of the story is, don't try sending me any email over the next few days ;)


Just another small update to say that more updates are on their way... honest!

I've got a new section of the site planned, and a new software project or two which I'll start soon and should hopefully be done in a couple of weeks.

Plus a recent video card upgrade means that Fiend Hunter 1 0.64 works again, so I may actually finish that making that level this time.

Apart from that though, the only news to report is that the server is a bit poorly at the moment so the site may be a bit unreliably. Any mail sent to me over the past few days probably didn't make it, so try resending it (I've redirected it to my uni mailbox, as opposed to the one on this server).

Oh, and Richard Goodwin may be interested in cash donations to help with the new server ;)


Just a small update to say that a fellow silly URL has come to my attention. Although having been created in September 2001 makes it older than my site, the domain name is shorter - a mere 60 characters when compared to my 67.

Looks like I'm still king of the jungle then :)


Uploaded version 1.0-"Certified Iyonix compatible or I'll knaw my arms off"-3 of Absolutely.

Added bbutils, a couple of small programs to let you read and write the compressed files the game Big Bang uses.


Uploaded a new version of Absolutely, after one plucky user spotted that it'd cause nastyness if run on an Iyonix. I swear the documents I read about 32bit compatability changed over night, honest! ;)

Uploaded another version of Absolutely, this time to improve the installation instructions for non-Universal Boot users.


Uploaded a new RISC OS utility, Absolutely. No more silly abort on data transfers or 'No writeable memory at this address' errors when loading Absolute files!


Well, that's useful. The link I just added has now died; the entire telefragged section of saix.net has vanished :|


Added a new link. Yes, a whole new link. However this link is important, since it's to an archive of the Fiend Hunter 1 V0.62 downloads! Now that I've found this and am able to play Fiend Hunter 1 again, I might have a go at finishing and releasing my almost-finished level.


Uploaded a few new befunge programs.

Uploaded V0.90 of !Befunge, featuring a handful of bugfixes.

Uploaded release 3 of my NetHack port, featuring a load of bugfixes and improvements, most notably that bones files now work and the timed_delay option won't kill the computer.


Uploaded release 2 of my NetHack port, which is now based around the 3.4.3 sources and so should be up-to-date with the official version. I've also fixed a bug where the start dungeon would always be the same, because the random number generator wasn't being seeded.


Re-validated all the pages to make sure they're valid. Damn those &'s...


Ran the links page through the W3C link checker and updated all the broken ones, as well as adding a few new ones.

At some point 'soon' I'll make a new release of my NetHack port, now that version 3.4.3 is out. The update would have been to 3.4.2, but it seems that I really am falling behind ;)


Uploaded release 1b of Fungus. If you've already downloaded 1 or 1a there's no real need to get this version, as all that's changed are some updated results for RC/Funge-98 and zfunge, and the removal of a test in the string module which was a duplicate of one in f98space.


Uploaded release 1a of Fungus; none of the code has changed, just the results for one of the interpreters (ZFunge).


Uploaded release #1 of the Fungus test suite.


Uploaded V3.00 of befc (aka the completely new Befunge-98 compiler written in C).


Just a small update to fix a bug in befc V2.


There haven't been any updates for the last month because I've just moved back to uni (And so haven't had proper 'net access), and because I've been busy on this ;-)


Uploaded V0.89 of !Befunge and preliminary release #4 of the Fungus test suite.

Uploaded V1.00 of befc (aka the Prolog version that compiles Befunge-93 files) and V2.00 of befc (aka the brand new Befunge-98 version that compiles Befunge-98 files).

Uploaded release 1 of my NetHack port, which is now 32bit compatible.


Just a quick update to add/fix some links on the links page.

Might have a Befunge version of befc uploaded in a couple of days. Unlikely to support optimisation or self-modifying code, but it will certainly be able to compile itself.

Alternatively I may upload a few AirQuake maps, since I'm working on one at the moment and my other ones aren't online yet.


Added the Inform section, due to the release of my latest creation: A Prolog interpreter written in Inform. Apart from that the new section is a bit empty though.

Uploaded V0.88 of !Befunge and preliminary release #3 of the Fungus test suite.

Updated a few other pages to fix spelling mistakes, make explanations clearer, etc.


Added the befunge compilers, interpreters and documentation page.

Moved C-to-Befunge and the Dynamic Fingerprint Spec to the new page.

Corrected/updated the Befunge files page in a few places.


Uploaded V2 of my Befunge-93 interpreter written in Prolog.

Uploaded a Befunge-93-to-almost-anything compiler, written in Prolog. Doesn't support self- modifying code, but does perform a range of optimisations.

A page reshuffle should occur 'soon'. At the moment I'm planning to add a new part to the Befunge section (for interpreters, compilers, etc.), but there's a chance of some Prolog and Inform sections opening up too. Still undecided about how to handle the files that could go in multiple sections though...

Swapped --!> with --> in one of the script tags (Well, *the* script tag). Now Opera users should be able to see the site OK. I'm blaming this on the HTML validator for not picking it up. Or Opera for being picky. Or both.


Uploaded V0.87 of !Befunge, and its source code. New features include minifunge/funge-lib compatability, some new fingerprints, new execution controls, and a new text insertion mode.

Uploaded preliminary release #2 of Fungus and V1.2 of the dynamic fingerprint spec.

Uploaded a simple Befunge-93 interpreter written in Prolog.


Uploaded V0.85 of !Befunge, including even more bug fixes, 8 new fingerprints, a new dynamic fingerprint system, and some handy text insertion modes for the fungespace editor.

Uploaded the spec for !Befunge's dynamic fingerprint system.

Uploaded a Befunge 'TURT' fingerprint quine (A quine that draws itself using turtle graphics).

Uploaded an early version of my Fungus Funge-98 test suite.


Uploaded a new befunge program - troll8.

Uploaded V0.70 of Befunge, which includes a slew of bug fixes.


Uploaded some new befunge programs: jbefbef5, unebef, and ytest.

Uploaded the first version of my WIMP Funge-98 interpreter.

Still thinking about that page reshuffle.


Uploaded some new befunge programs: troll7, jbefbef4, compat, divtest.

Uploaded an updated version of my 1K befunge interpreter, and a test release of my TPF 3D engine.

At some point soonish I'll probably add a new section to the site, and may reshuffle a few pages. Plus more programs, of course :)


Quick update to the contact page to include my email address for the new domain. More real content is coming soon, honest!


Just registered phlamethrower.co.uk, because this egnufeb domain name is a bit unwieldy to be used for email. The server is set up to treat the new site as an alias of this one, so you'll be able to use either address for browsing/emailing. Now I'll be able to see if my long domain name anti-spam theory is true...

In other news, my exams finish today so I should be able to get some programming done soon.


A few more link updates, since the W3C link checker reported that a few of them weren't quite right.


Just a small update to add a few more links and let people know that I'm still alive... once the exam season's out the way I should have some more updates for the site. Luckily Google's started indexing the site properly now, so I've been getting some more hits :-)


Uploaded an update to my NetHack port; it looks like a few level files were missed out of the distribution.


Uploaded release 0 of my NetHack port and the source code. There's a slim chance the source is corrupt though, since one of the floppies I transported it on was corrupt and I had to rebuild the damaged files from another copy.


Uploaded release -1 of my NetHack port. As you can tell by the release number chosen, it isn't particularly well polished.


Updated almost all the pages to include meta keyword tags, and added a few more links to the links page. When I get round to it I'll submit the site to a few search engines...


Uploaded my rebuilt JDM14 Quake Deathmatch level.

Uploaded my C-to-Befunge work in a suitably undocumented form.


Added an ADF version of Elite to the RISC OS pages, and improved the readme file in the .zip version a bit. Once I get round to it I'll add a load of extra links to the links page...

Made the Chain Rocket Launcher, Good maps and Good triggers files in the Quake section valid HTML.


Site launched. Woo.

Page last modified 03/03/2005